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I’m sure by now many of you will have seen this Fandom_Wank report. [Short version: LJs with certain interests are being deleted. LJ is not distinguishing between actual criminals and, for example, fanfiction groups or RPG villians. A running tally of deleted journals is here. femmequixotic's entry is here.]

The Minafics can also be found at her JF account, or at her never-used-until-now greatestjournal. Of course, you can also always contact me at mina_de_malfois@yahoo.com.

I am not terribly impressed at LJs willingness to delete fanfiction communities, literature discussion groups, RPG character journals and even, reportedly, victims' personal journals without first informing the owners of the problem and advising them on how to avoid deletion. I am even more distressed that this may well be happening because some outside vigilante group have pressured them.

That said, I'm not certain about the future of my own LJs. I'm certainly not comfortable upgrading to permanent accounts now; I'm extremely reluctant to even continue with my paid accounts. I won't be 'gifting' anybody with LJ goods-&-services until this is sorted out, and I ask you all to please refrain from buying me any time on LJ.

ETA: You might also want to go get counted. fandom_counts is set up just to get a headcount of fans on lj.
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