Mina de Malfois (mina_de_malfois) wrote in minions_de_mina,
Mina de Malfois

Shopping Links

Belladonna: Handmade dolls of all sizes, made to order. Models based on both fictional characters and original designs available.

Phantom Phantasies: Four short stories inspired by Gaston Leroux' Phantom of the Opera.

The Basilisk Café at CaféPress: TBC's official Slythershop.

4Christina CaféPress shop: The 4Christina shop with lots of storm merchandise (photos taken by Christina Hall).

Slash...Because CaféPress shop: Lots of delicious slash merchandise.

And Shine Heaven Now CaféPress shop: Tie-in merchandise for the Hellsing-and-other-anime fancomic And Shine Heaven Now.

the MDM Fanshop: Products for the Mina de Malfois series, including art by Mina fan artists. Currently featuring art by mutecornett, used with permission.
Tags: fandom, links, shopping

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